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Embrace Wellness is owned and operated by Amy Lear , LMT, CYT. Since 2010, Amy has been offers Manual Movement Therapy Massage and Personal Training


What are your credentials?

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition guidance  and Certified Yoga Instructor.  


My focus for Embrace Wellness is allowing my clients to find their own path to health and wellness. Sometimes we all need some help in finding what works for us!


What is your lifestyle philosophy?

I practice what I preach! I have chosen to make my life about health and fitness. I will not ask my clients to do anything I myself haven't done or would not do.  I workout on a regular basis and eat as healthy as I can.  I do not believe in diets and fads that do not really teach healthy living.  My focus is helping my clients find their balance between health, happiness and life


Why this path?

Like most people I found myself in a place where I wasn't happy.  I was overweight, depressed and looking for something. But what? I was never the girl who did sports in school or worked out EVER! My path started with yoga then to massage and onto running, lifting and then personal training. Each step I have take has made me stronger, not just physically but mentally too. It has given me the ability to believe in myself and the desire to help others.   

So what is Embrace Wellness all about?

Embrace Wellness is about learning what can help you feel better in your everyday life. My massage has evolved through the years.  I've always done deep tissue therapeutic massage but have added so many other aspects.  My Manual Movement Therapy Massage comes from traditional Thai Massage with my own twist.  It can be done on table or floor.  Bamboo stick massage is another valuable asset and cupping is one of my clients favorites.  

Personal Training has become a passion for me!  My program is designed to meet the needs of the client with personalized workouts. An app that can be downloaded with all the workouts.  Nutrition guidance and so much more.  This program isn't just for those that are fit or wanting to lift lots of weights but those that just want to find the path to the best possible version of themselves.  

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