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My Personal Training is different from other personal trainers because each program is specifically designed for the individual person.  

This training is for anyone not knowing where to start on their journey into wellness. You can want to loose weight, build muscle or if your someone who has knee, shoulder or back issues, who would like to be able to do daily tasks a bit easier.  The program is designed to fit your goals.  With nutrition guidance (not diets) the program teaches you a path to feeling better and being able to hit your goals. 

What you can expect:

Personalized training plan

Update to training plan as needed

Download an app with exercise videos and details of your entire plan to follow 

Daily reminders of workouts

Nutrition guidance

Access to trainer as needed


Manual Movement Therapy is not your typical massage! 

This manual therapy involves not only deep tissue work but movement as well. 

In a typical massage you lay still while the therapist works your muscles. While regular massage can be very effective, how do you know you will feel better once you start moving?  With Manual Movement Therapy you get the deep tissue massage and movement. You can feel with each stretch, the tight spots releasing and the therapist can feel this too. It not only releases tight muscles but allows greater freedom of movement within the joints. 


This therapy can be joined in conjunction with cupping therapy or bamboo stick massage. Each has individualized benefits.


The cupping therapy is placing cups on the body for 15 minutes allow maximum blood flow to the area. Another way for cupping is by slowly moving cups throughout the massage.


Bamboo Stick Massage is using warmed bamboo sticks to massage the body and work out tension and tightness. The combination of heat and massage is something amazing!


Cost for massage varies $30-75 

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